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Danny Hartgrove, the instructor behind Total Track Control is Grade A Professional MSA ARDS Instructor and has had a passion for motorsport from an early age. Danny's interest in motor vehicles was put to good use and his mechanical ability led him to a career at Lotus Cars in Hethel, where he discovered a natural talent for driving performance cars at speed.

During Danny's 20 year career at Lotus Cars he supported a number of projects, which included press car evaluation and final sign off, production road test and track durability assessments, quality inspections, ride and handling, vehicle set-up, senior level in car personal coaching and management of the Lotus Driving Academy.


Danny's impeccable driving ability and in-depth product knowledge meant he was a popular choice amongst dealer open days, corporate events and product launches, which in turn led him to drive many of the UK and EU circuits. A favourite being Spa Francorchamps.

Danny now supports MSVT events across the Nation pursing his passion for driving whilst helping budding drivers reach their race goals.


Race experience includes the Elise trophy and the Lotus Cup series.